It is a national movement in Sri Lanka

Welcome To Scouting in Sri Lanka!

Going by the 21st Century concept, and with compliance to promises and philosophies of our founder, Lord Baden Powell, we intend to form a new trend in global context, while considering growth in scouting in Sri Lanka.

Our Vision

Offering a fair share in the process of making World Scout Movement to be the prime youth organization in the world for informal education, by the year 2023 and positively reinforcing the Scout Movement, in order to transform 100 million youth into potential citizens and most of the Sri Lankan student community to be recruited as Scouts.

Our Mission

Abide by the principles and the promise of the scouts, promoting peace and literacy in various disciplines like legal, financial, and Information technology, among youth through informal education, irrespective of race, cast, creed, religion and nationality, and taking turns to suit 21st Century, without undoing philosophy of our founder father in order to bring Scout Movement more borderless and vibrant.


  • Provide opportunity to get engaged oneself in scouting, without any age barrier.
  • To promote Informal Education in Sri Lanka.
  • Adopt “Summer Camp” concept of scouting in USA, for the benefit of school children, and thereby promote scouting in the Government schools in Sri Lanka.

Our Programme

Tikiri Scouts

AGES 3 - 5

Cub Scouts

AGES 5 - 11

Junior Scouts

AGES 10 1/2 - 14 1/2

Senior Scouts

AGES 14 1/2 - 18

Rover Scouts

AGES 17 1/2 - 24

Adults Leaders


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e.g. school, a business, an employer, any organisation providing a service.

e.g. an education or social housing provider, subject to the public sector equality duty.