Main “Gilwell Park” is situated in the United Kingdom (England) and we salute them in the first place. Let us come to know some facts about “Gilwell Park” in England, from their website!

Following their foot - steps, we also created a model of its kind in Sri Lanka, in order to cater to the needs of Scouting Community, spread all over the world. At this park, you find one and only Scout School in Sri Lanka and a Scout Training Camp. District office of All Ceylon Human Rights Federation (ACHRF) in Sri Lanka is also situated here, on the site.

Sri Lanka is an island - nation situated in Indian Ocean. “Gilwell Park” in Sri Lanka is situated in the North - Western Province in the country, more specifically, at ‘Walahena’ village of Madampe Divisional Secretariat in Puttalam District. This ‘Park’ is located in a serene and beautiful piece of land, which is surrounded by coconut plantations and paddy fields. A stream is flowing across the site, feeding paddy fields and a reservoir, where you can enjoy 'canoeing’.

For adventure - loving visitors to this camp, there are many places of interest around the place. You can find camping sites and organise boat trips across the near - by lagoon, where you find huge mangrove forests in which first ever mangrove museum in the world has been established. This camp is also bordering the Indian Ocean, where ‘blue whales’ and ‘dolphins’ can be watched. There are many more historical sites such as ancient kingdoms, famous Hindu Kovil and ‘ancient weaponry’ with ore deposits, ‘seven wells and a tunnel’, dating back to third Century. B. C.

We invite you to pay a visit to Sri Lanka, if you are the adventurous type, who is not scared to try out new ways of holidaying, while you are getting trained to be a Scout and earn few badges for your records.

You can plan your holiday in Sri Lanka with lot of adventure and fun. We provide you with transport and accommodation to suit any of your budgets.

As Scouts, you are allowed to camp on the site itself, which cost you nothing but having fun.

  • It’s entertaining!
  • It’s adventurous!
  • It’s cheap!