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Robert Baden-Powell was the man who founded the Scout movement more than 100 years ago. A soldier, national hero, educator and prolific writer, Scouting is based on the ideas laid out in his best-selling book Scouting for Boys.

Baden-Powell was popularly known as B-P. To find out more about his fascinating life, click on button below.

  • Feb 22, 1857

    Baden-Powell’s Birth

    Born in Paddington, London, England

  • Feb 20, 1876

    Baden-Powell Joined the Army

    Joined the British army and appointed as Sub-lieutenant for the 13th Hussars in Lucknow, India, and specialised in scouting, map-making and reconnaissance

  • Feb 22, 1899

    Baden-Powell’s Successful Defense of Mafeking Town

    Declared a hero for successfully defending the Mafeking Town during the Boer War and was promoted to Major-General by Queen Victoria

  • Aug 01, 1907

    Baden-Powell Organised the Experimental Camp

    Held a seven-day experimental camp for 20 boys on Brownsea Island, Dorset, England

  • Feb 22, 1910

    Baden-Powell Retired from the British Army

    Retired from the British army as Lieutenant General and focused on the Scout Movement

  • Feb 22, 1912

    Baden-Powell’s Marriage

    Married Olave St Clair Soames and subsequently had three children – Arthur, Heather and Betty

  • Feb 19, 1913

    Baden-Powell Established a Training Centre for Scout Leaders

    Started Gilwell Park Training Centre for Scout Leaders in London, England

  • Jul 30, 1920

    Baden-Powell Acclaimed Chief Scout of the World

    Acclaimed Chief Scout of the World at the 1st World Scout Jamboree in London, England

  • Feb 22, 1925

    Baden-Powell Opened the International Scout Chalet

    Opened the International Scout Chalet in Kandersteg, Switzerland (now known as the Kandersteg International Scout Centre)

  • Feb 22, 1929

    Baden-Powell Created a Peer

    Made Lord Baden-Powell, 1st Baron of Gilwell, by King George V

  • Feb 19, 1937

    Baden-Powell Built His African Home

    Built and lived at his home, Paxtu cottage, in Nyeri, Kenya

  • Jan 08, 1941

    Baden-Powell Gone Home

    Passed away in Kenya at the age of 83. He was accorded military funeral and burial at St Peter’s Churchyard on 9 January. A memorial service was also held on 27 January at Westminster Abbey, London, England